<aside> 💡 Looking to plan a project with automations and webhooks? Height is a project management tool built by and for Notion fanatics.


Webhooks allow you to subscribe to events that happen in your Height workspace. When an event gets triggered, we'll send a HTTP POST payload to your configured URL.

Webhooks are useful for setting up integrations, syncing a database with Height tasks, triggering workflows in other services, and more.

Webhooks API

Webhooks can be managed in the Height settings, as well as through the API.

The webhook object

List all webhooks

Create a webhook

Delete a webhook


Webhook events payload are formatted in JSON. See more:

The webhook event object

Event types

Webhook event types


By default, webhooks will only send objects that are accessible to all members of a workspace. This means that private tasks and their activities will not be sent.

When creating a webhook, it’s possible to request that private tasks and activities be sent

Event handling

Delivery attempt

A webhook endpoint should return a HTTP status code 2xx if the webhook was correctly handled. This will let us know we shouldn't retry sending the event.